Media's Influence On Food And Social Media

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Every day we interact with food; we consume food, grow food, purchase food, play with food, and throw out food. Food is something that consumes our lives, and plays a big part on how we live. Because of the big part it plays in our lives the media has taken food then has made it into something else that is going to affect our body negatively. We are persuaded to eat healthy, eat fast, eat cheap, and still have that perfect figure without breaking the bank. Some eat because they are “too skinny”, some eat because they can, some don’t eat because they are “too fat”, or because they can’t afford to eat. The media, social media, schools, government, and family all pressure us to look one way and shame those who don’t. Our problem today is with food and how we perceive it due to the media and our incomes including the food itself. We were not fully and correctly educated on how to fill our hunger needs, which plays a part of our body size and shape. The United States revolves around a continuing fast pace life that needs to stay at a fast pace, this involves how we eat and the price of what we eat no matter how healthy it is. The biggest troublemaker of food and how it plays along with our body image is …show more content…
With media involved with our food we have become more focused on the best food for us, with that we have pushed for more food at a faster pace. We expect healthy food fast and that is just something that we will never be able to achieve. Healthy food is something that you should work for, and when you work for a good meal you feel better about yourself as your eating healthy food. As a nation, we need to start pushing for that local food base economy again. Then we need to push back at the media and tell them they have no control over how we think. We need to think positively and grow together and accept what we all look like and encourage healthy not skinny or

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