Escape From The Western Diet By Michael Pollan And Mary Maxfield

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Feeding ourselves is a basic skill we must acquire. Everyone learns how to eat, right? All you need to do is grab food, put it in your mouth, fill your stomach and not be hungry. Why, is it then that the diet industry in the US alone in 2016 was a $60 billion dollar industry? Why can’t we figure out how to eat and not lose health, not gain enormous amounts of weight? Why were our ancestors thinner and healthier than we are when starvation was a real, actual possibility in their lives? Michael Pollan and Mary Maxfield are two authors who differ in view on the subjects of the condition of our current food supply, which industry is actually responsible for the current perception of obesity and how complex we are making meal preparation. Pollan’s …show more content…
Not too much. Mostly plants.”(426). Throughout the essay, he explains that his perception on “food” is different than most of current society. He thinks we should “Eat food” that is non-processed and that is as close to the way it comes out of the ground as possible. He also states that we have a problem over-eating so we should eat proportionally resulting in eating “Not too much.” Going back to what comes out of the ground Pollan explains we should eat “Mostly plants” because it is the healthiest and least processed food there is.
In Mary Maxfield’s essay “Food is Thought: Resting the Moralization of Eating” she explains an age old theory on how to think about food. Her motto for the essay is “Trust yourself. Trust your body. Meet your needs.”(446) Maxfield believes that we have forgotten how to “trust ourselves” when it comes to eating because it seems that everyone wants to listen to the next get skinny quick idea. She also explains the best way to be healthy is to “Trust our body” because our body knows what our body needs. Lastly she reminds us to “meet our needs” by meeting our body’s needs we will be healthy no matter the size we

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