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Many teenagers have had lots of challenges, I for one have. As a child I was very stressed out a lot, mostly because I was thinking about things too much in-depth. With that stress I also went to see a counselor and she helped me realize a little bit about myself. It was a hard time and it still is with high school and college coming up. Teachers and parents trying to get you do show off to colleges when that is hard to do. All of the stress and problems that I have faced all started when I moved to Iowa and away from my friends in Illinois.
Illinois to me was the most fun time I ever had. I was a little kid playing with my friends in the backyard. I had a friend, and he was my best friend. Both of our mothers where friends and apparently as they say they were both pregnant together. He was one of the funniest people to be with. He lived by a lake and we both went fishing every time we were together. I remember when we were at daycare together and we both “liked” this girl but he got her. He was so full of himself that now that I think about he was being narcissistic. They “dated” for I think about around one day. That’s when his parents found out and he was told to “break-up” with her. From what I remember that was the best moment in my life. Years later we all laughed and we were best of friends all three of us. Then she moved away. Although me and him where only in kindergarten, me and my friend missed her a lot. It was like one of that hardest time in…

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