I Was Not A Pioneer Essay

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I was born in Cuba, a developing country full of intrigue and discrimination. Due to the fact that I was not a Pioneer, someone who participated in Communist Party’s political activities, I was hindered from taking full advantage of most of the system’s academic resources. The one event that stays most fixated in my mind is when I was rejected by a public school because of my religious beliefs. When I was 12 years old, I had started taking drawing classes in an art gallery and was getting ready to take an entrance exam in order to be admitted into an Art Institute. After weeks of preparation and training, the day of the exam came, however, because I was not a Pioneer, the school would not allow me to even sit for the exam. That act of discrimination made it clear to my family that I would never be able to take advantage of the opportunities or programs offered through that system.
On February 17th, 2006 my family and I came to this land of opportunity. Even though adapting to this new culture and language was not easy for me, I decided that if my parents had come so far through hard work so I could have a better future, I would not let them down. If I were somewhere else, I would not have the chance to take advantage of my full potential, so I am very grateful for what I have here. I have promised myself that whatever I do, I will always do my best and make the most out of all my experiences.
One of the biggest challenges I have faced since I came to the U.S. is learning…

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