Essay about I Saw The Room Coming

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I saw the room coming, it would be one of those rooms that a person would see in a detective or an action movie. The one guy just sitting in a room where they think their thoughts are private but really they belong to the people around the villain, the hero. When the questioner comes and sits down at the other end of the table and gets started in such a peaceful manner but really the person that is being questioned for what he is doing and there I was sitting in that same room I envisioned exactly to the ants sitting in the corner making yourself realize just how secure your thoughts really are. That even the ants are ese dropping on your history. And now it begins, with me starting the talk.
‘’So what should we talk about, your ex wife?’’
‘’Are you going to sit and give us what we want or our you just going to give me a damn diary that I already have’’
‘’No, let us now go a little bit deeper than, okay how about, oh oh I know what will get that little bomb ticking, how about your second ex wife? The one that you held dear to you truly.”
“No, only the matter at hand which is about you, and why you are here?”
“Oh I know, how about the cop test that you failed two times in a row, now that is determination at the finest persay. Hey it can at least make a great cop joke, two cops walk into a bar, one fails the test, tada.”
‘’Enough! I have had too much with your sickening little mind, now before I break all hell on you, give me the answer that I want, why are you here?” As I…

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