I Have A Divine Calling On My Life Essay

777 Words Aug 20th, 2015 4 Pages
I have a divine calling on my life. It is to convincingly, communicate the truth of God to all people. I do not claim to have the ability to define just how God calls any man or woman, nonetheless, in the very heart of my soul, I hear God’s still, small voice wooing me to commission. I am burdened with the plight of humankind without God. This call was initiated at my conversion and then further confirmed, during a mission trip to Mexico, within the first eighteen months of confessing Christ as my Lord and Savior. These two experiences compel me to complete a Master of Arts degree at Colorado Christian University (CCU) to better equip myself to share, speak, preach and teach the gospel of my Lord, Jesus Christ.
I first heard God calling me at the young age of seventeen. My first seventeen years of life were spent coping with divorced and absent parents who were heavily entrenched in the drug scene. They were “sixties-hippies” and were never really good at being parents. I and my younger brother were raised by our single grandmother, as Grandpa left her when we arrived. He wasn’t good at parenting, either. It was difficult growing up without parents, however, nothing could ever replace the sacrificing, unconditional love of my grandmother. It was her love that reflected God’s saving grace, and I came to understand that at the age of seventeen. That love softened my hardened, hateful, teenager’s heart, while attending summer youth camp in Gillette, Wyoming in…

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