I Am Pursuing The Doctor Of Pharmacy Program Essay

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We have an amazing power to impact this world through Pharmaceutical Sciences. New diseases are being discovered in different parts of the world, while present diseases like Cancer, Ebola, Polio and many more, still have no cure. But through pharmaceutical research and development, these illnesses may have viable treatments in the future. My desire is to be a part of this research, so that I can save the lives of numerous people. As the SURF program is intended for the students interested in pharmaceutical sciences, it will provide me a career building experience and will serve as a stepping-stone to my dream job.
I decided to pursue pharmacy to learn about medications and its affects on human body. Currently, I am pursuing the Doctor of Pharmacy program and will graduate in six years. After graduation, I plan to obtain to a PhD in Pharmaceutical sciences. This PhD will allow me to implement my knowledge to conduct research in Pharmaceutical Company or in an academic setting.
As I plan to conduct research in pharmaceutical companies, working for the surf program will help me gain the skills that a researcher must possess. From the internship, I expect to gain a lot of knowledge in the subjects like Pharmacology, Toxicology, Pharmaceutics and medicinal chemistry. This hands-on experience will help me retain more information, which I will use in later years of study. And this internship is the best way to evaluate what I have learned in school and what I need to learn more…

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