I Am My Love For Animals Essay examples

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Feeling a mix of anxiety and excitement, my hands trembled as I placed a green “X” on my dogs left hip. Months of planning prepared me for this day. Each step of the surgery played on a constant reel in my head. I spent just enough time researching and reading to be a difficult client, yet I couldn 't shake the chronic curiosity. The difficult recovery following Lucky’s total hip replacement forced me to acknowledge what I already knew. My love for animals was only trumped by my deep seeded fascination with medicine.

A previous career as a marketing executive allowed me to master the fine art of communication. Whether with a co-worker, client, or on a billboard, the ability to verbalize thoughts while actively listening was fundamental to my growth. I believe creativity thrives when a vast array of personalities and experience join forces to collaborate. Like in medicine, in marketing there is no one size fits all and the creative challenge is what I love about it. However, at 27, I was unhappy in my career and felt as though I was selling myself short. A growing need to explore a career in veterinary medicine consumed my thoughts.

In an attempt to feed my desire to contribute to a better quality of life for animals, I accepted a position on the board of a local rescue. Realizing that substandard animal care was generally not due to lack of compassion, but lack of education and finances, I worked closely with local veterinarians to find balance between what is medically…

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