Personal Narrative: A Career As A Veterinary Assistant

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A lot of families own companion animals as they grow up. One family had a dog named Grant and Grant would jump up and down in excitement as the family came home everyday. One day when the family returned home after going on a trip and Grant wasn’t at the door, so the family went out to go look for him and that was when they found him lying on the ground looking really sick. The family had to take Grant to the veterinary clinic where they were informed that he was really sick. Doing an internship as a local veterinary assistant has seemed really interesting to be a future career. Working as an intern at a local veterinary clinic has been a really interesting and a great joy to be at. The thing that seemed interesting to do was make a career as a …show more content…
For example, a vet assistant is similar to a zoo technician but the difference between the two is that zoo technician's work environment is at zoos and around zoo animals while a vet assistant deals with companion animals. Also people don’t just save animals but animals as save us. In the article, “Hero Dog Saves Elderly Novato Man From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning” the article was about how a 90-pound German Shepherd sensed that his 80-year-old owner was in danger. The German Shepherd, Max, drug him out of bed by his arm and down a hallway before Farrell was able to wake up and recover. The man was bleeding really bad when he woke up completely and then called 911 because he thought that is dog was attacking him. Deputy Fire Chief Adam Brolan stated that when the firefighters arrived, the carbon monoxide had reached its deadly levels. This article is really inspiring to many people because the dog wouldn’t have been able to save the man’s life if the animal wouldn’t have been to the vet. The dog wouldn’t have been healthy enough to drag the man out of bed to save him. Another article that relates was, “Hero dog saves toddler from snake.” The article was about how a little girl was playing by her family

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