Personal Statement: Why I Want To Be A Veterinary Ratician

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First year college students feel emotionally unprepared for college. This also relates to me, because I am in my first semester students in college and I am extremely stressed out. I worry about papers, exams, homework and pressure of paying for college expenses, yet I didn 't know what I wanted to major in it took forever to finally decide when it was right with me my entire life and now I am determined and focused to graduate college. My goal is to become a veterinarian technician. Why I would rather deal with animals than with people. People are easy to help. Animals can’t tell you when they are hurt, and there is the challenge
In ‘’ZERO’’, Paul Logan describes his struggles throughout high school and college. He writes: ’’But even failure as painful as it is, it does not have to be an ending. It can be a learning experience one that
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All my life I have been surrounded by animals with rabbits, fish, cats, and dogs as pets. I have also taken care of neighbors’ pets, and assisted with rescuing stray cats and adoptions at a local animal rescue organization. I have an affinity for animals and enjoy doing my best to care for them. For these reasons I have selected my degree to become a veterinary technician. I want to extend my love for animals to help people with their pets’ medical needs. Veterinary technicians usually conduct clinical work in a private practice under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian. They often perform various medical tests, treat and diagnose medical conditions, perform laboratory tests, take blood samples, or assist veterinarians in tests and analyses using various medical equipment’s. Veterinary technicians also obtain and record patients’ case histories, develop x-rays and radiographs, and provide specialized nursing care. Excellent job opportunities are on the rise as pet owners are becoming more willing to pay for advanced veterinary care, because many of them consider their pet to be part of their

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