I Am Madison Leek I Essay

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I am Madison Leek I was born and raised in Springfield, Missouri. I come from a smaller family; I have two parents that are the best two people to raise children. I am the baby of my family; I have one older sister, who has taught me so much about determination and strength through starting and running her own business. My parents were active in my learning as a child, which only encouraged me more in schooling and education. My mother was an active PTA member and often was a Room Mom and my father was part of RAD (Reading and Dads) where fathers would take classes to the story well during reading time and read to them. My parents being such compassionate individuals who constantly put others before themselves gave me the opportunity to do volunteer and charity work from my childhood into my adult years with non-for profit organizations such as The Red Cross, Good Samaritan Boys Ranch, and Springfield Shelter Workshop. My family has helped to shape me into whom I am. I am a very highly motivated person and I do not quit at things until I accomplish them to the best of my abilities. The idea to go into the education field was sparked by an educator I met during my senior year of high school. I was part of Kickapoo High School’s Future Teacher’s Associate and also participating in their A+ program. My senior year I was able to cadet teach in the Low Functioning Special Needs classroom. I helped students participate in “The Great Race” that is a miniature Special Olympics…

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