How To Write An Example Of Classroom Observation

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October 14, 2016 marks the date of my second observation of student teaching at Eastern Regional High School. Since my previous observation, I have begun teaching all four College Preparatory classes, the Honors level class, and I have attended my first back-to-school night. One of the major difficulties that I am facing in the classroom is the transition between a PC laptop to an Apple Mac Desktop. Because I have never used an Apple Mac Desktop, I have great difficulty trying to maneuver the desktop in the classroom. Yesterday, during my observation, the class was going to listen to the first chapter of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, but I wasn’t able to get the sound working on the desktop. Instead, I used my laptop that projected the …show more content…
It was a successful night for Mrs. O’ Keefe, Mrs. Schneider, and myself. Student Alliance members were welcoming families into the building and leading many of them in the direction of the classes they were scheduled to attend for their child. Each period was ten minutes long and parents had six minutes between the periods to get to their next class. As I stood out in the hallway between periods, I saw as parents were frantically trying to locate their next class. Luckily, I have been walking around the school to become familiar with the hallways and I helped parents by pointing them in the right direction. I also greeted parents as they walked into my own classroom. I was slightly disappointed when certain parents did not show up. I wanted to talk to certain parents about their child’s behavior in the classroom. I was able to match the student with the parent with most of the parents and I was humbled by what another parent had mentioned to me. This parent’s child is in the Honors class, which at the time I had not taken over yet. She told me she has heard so much about me, but her child is one of the quietest students in the class and I have not really talked with him so much this year. It makes me feel amazing to think that I am already making an impact on the students at Eastern Regional High

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