Essay about I Am Grateful For Being Exposed

910 Words Nov 12th, 2016 4 Pages
From time to timer, as I reminisce on how my high school English courses were composed, I recall that students were essentially told what to write about and how to structure their assignments. In essence, when it came to writing papers, students were not given considerable freedom to express his or her thoughts. Ultimately and to some extent this instructional strategy hindered my writing, creative process, and interpretation development; although, I am grateful for being exposed to general writing concepts that provided a basis of how to start a writing project. Moreover, when I started attending English college courses I noticed that writing and reading techniques, depending on the course and instructor, began to gradually change. Most of the time literature lectures, that I have been exposed to, typically consisted of reading and then discussing as a class the material that had been assigned. From time to time, papers were assigned and then we were asked to write an interpretation piece. This is where my difficulties began to surface. At the beginning, since I was used to being told how and what to write I felt lost and didn’t know where to start. Thankfully I came across some valuable instructors that helped guide me towards the right direction; thus, eventually allowing me to strengthen my reading, writing, and interpretation skills. Unfortunately, I also came across some obstacles in some of my courses. Students were at times obligated to interpret certain material…

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