I Am Firm Believer Of Making The Best Out Of Every Situation Essay

707 Words Dec 12th, 2016 3 Pages
I am firm believer in making the best out of every situation. This semester has been a great learning experience that came with a lot of adjustments and surprises. I started off my semester to a rough start due to late registration which led me to playing catch-up in a lot of my courses. Even with these minor setback I still was able to achieve some of my goal that I made for the semester.
This course has helped me figure a lot of my strengths as a writer. I learned that I have good ideas and can be a good writer when a topic interest me. I have also learned that my grades usually reflect on how well I followed the criteria of an assignment. I realize that I have unique points of views on certain topics and often like to give my own thoughts and explanations about a topic. I also know how to be straight to the point with whatever message I try to convey. At the beginning of the semester I never payed attention to the tone of my writings and failed to realize how it affected the reader 's perception of my intended message. Before this course I feel like a had a narrow point of view on how to approach topics. I still struggle with planning out my thoughts before I start writing. I don’t brainstorm my thoughts on paper which is a direct result of why my ideas aren 't always structured in a way that is easy to comprehend.

There were goals that I made for myself this semester that I did not accomplish due to a lack of attention to detail. Even though this course was…

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