I Am Became A Bachelor 's Degree Of Music Composition Essay

959 Words Dec 20th, 2016 4 Pages
I am probably unique in applying to this program in that I hold a bachelor’s degree in music composition. One of the best undergrad classes I took was a digital music course involving coursework devoted to audiovisual projects. It was then that I made my first short film, an experimental work called Graveyard Shift. I was not anticipating the excitement of the filmmaking process, how much I enjoyed the work of going out to shoot scenes, nor how much I would move toward making films as my primary creative focus. A background in both music and filmmaking puts me in a unique place to formulate new ideas and concepts. Through my experience in these two fields I have been able to recognize broad principles of art-making and storytelling: creating expectations and fulfilling or denying those expectations, using fluctuating moods and feelings to design a contour from introduction to climax to conclusion, writing organically in order to avoid appearing contrived, and knowing how to use technical knowledge to realize one’s artistic scope. I am an excellent self-teacher and have been able to acquire important technical skills through hands on experience and by learning from college professors, other filmmakers, books, and online resources. I have experience with a variety of cameras, DSLR rigs, basic lighting setups, and a wide variety of software. I understand basic post-production processes, timecode languages (SMPTE, MIDI), video and audio resolutions, and some compositing…

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