I Am A Man Of My Dreams Essay

1509 Words Oct 14th, 2014 null Page
It was 4:35 in the morning and I was in Los Angeles, California; another sleepless night had accompanied me once again. I laid there on satin sheets, in my California king sized bed, listening to a peculiar sound: Silence. It was just me, my four walls, and an empty journal. What could have possibly been on my mind? One would expect a young woman like me with a life full of chance to be carefree, without a worry in the world. However, it was more than that, as cliché as it may sound, the man of my dreams was on my mind yet again. Mere perfection itself, a profound feeling I had for him, now a memory; I’ve loved and I’ve lost. I reluctantly woke up at 4:35 a.m. constantly. It almost felt like a routine of mine that I hoped would come to an end. I would wake up, lay there, and think of “us”, or what was previously us. I remember the long summer nights like it was just yesterday; I felt free. Those summer nights were different from the ones I had previously experienced. I met someone new who was so intrigued in getting to know me, who knew I would even fall for him so fast? I was at an art gallery show when we met, he was working valet. As I stepped out of my car, he approached me and said the words “I have never seen you before, but I have to know you, I just have to”. I wasn’t really interested in being with someone at the time, but he was so persistent. He even got himself fired, unfortunately, by leaving the valet department just to attend the show with me. After all he…

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