Hr599 Benefits Project Essay

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Benefit Plan Design Analysis

Course Project: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Lillie Williams
Professor: Dr. Burnell G. Carden, Jr.
HRM-599-11570 Benefits
Date 6/22/2013

Table of Content
Part 1- Organization Profile and Benefit Program ---------------------------------------- 3 & 4
Part 2 - Statement of Issues ------------------------------------------------------------------ 5 & 6
Part 3 - Literature Review ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6
Part 4 - Issues Analysis ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 & 7
Part 5 - Issues Solutions ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 & 8
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Once the Government get involved standards should be set for corporation like Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart should be required to contribute in all employees health care cost or Maybe Wal-Mart could pay Medicaid funds for supplying benefits to their employees because what Wal-Mart is doing is just not fair. In my opinion Wal-Mart is making the government responsible to take care of people that work for them which is robbery because those funds should be available for someone whom really needs insurance benefits.
Literature Review Wal-Mart health benefits are very critical for employees; Wal-Mart executives are proposing the cutting of “retirement benefits” “by at least $200 million, by elimination flat 401 (k) retirement contributions.” (West 2005), which would cut company retirement benefit cost from four percent to three percent. The average store associate employee is underinsured based on the national standards in 2005. “A Wal-Mart worker with a family of four would have to pay health care costs equal to 30 percent of their income before receiving most benefits at Wal-Mart”. (West, 2006). At this point no one really knows the reasoning behind why Wal-Mart executives executed such an unprincipled benefit plan therefore, it’s currently a mysterious. As of January 2012, Wal-Mart no longer offers health benefits to employees that work less than 24 hours a week and they raised the

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