How Three Hr Activities Support The Organisations Strategy Essay

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3hrc How three HR activities support the organisations strategy.

According to the CIPD/Hays (2013) resourcing and planning survey, recruitment is a very expensive function In HR i
In 2007 CIPD survey report "the changing HR function recruitment and selection" was rated as the highest priority(CIPD, 2007) (Redman and Wilkinson 2009, P.64) rate recruitment as the most serious HR function for organisational survival. Average cost of filling an average position is £2000 and manager positions being £5000.
With high turnover it is plain to see recruitment and selection will be expensive to organisations and also where HR can add value to the organisation.
Effective recruitment is key when it comes to the daily functions.
It also needs to take into account the future and the implementations it will have on the organisation in the future.
The aim is to fill a vacancy with the correct candidate. Once it is decided that a particular vacancy needs to be filled that HR can go about how to find and attract ideal candidates, following on with an induction program
Recruitment and selection go together, They cannot be executed without the other this is where HR professionals play a major part, using their skills and expertise in both.
Through formal education and training or following a program developed and approved by CIPD HR professionals are expected to keep up-to-date on current skills and knowledge by ongoing professional development knowing what is needed in the…

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