Zenetex Mission

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Choose any three (3) types of HR positions (Ex: Training Manager, Compensation Specialist, etc.) and assess the significance of each in adding value to your HR department in support of your company’s vision and mission. Zenetex mission is to always be (Internet) about the people and its employees. Zenetex believes in success within their customers and their employees. Zenetex vision is to become a powerful competitor in the private industry. Zenetex is passionate about the company’s growth potential and wants to ensure the stakeholders are happy with the growth of the company.
Employees believe that Zenetex is one of best establishments to work at. Recruitment, payroll specialist and training are three Human Resource positions that I
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Determine the specific degree (e.g., associates, bachelors, or masters) and certification (e.g., SHRM-CP, SPHR, CPLP, or SHRBP) needed. Include the level and type of experience needed (e.g., industry, managerial, customer service, tenure, etc.).
1. 5 years of payroll expertise.
2. B.S. degree in Accounting
3. 5 years of database entry
4. Must be detail oriented to ensure accuracy of payroll inputs
5. SHRM certification preferred

Duties to include
Responsible for managing, processing and auditing all aspects of payroll.
Review electronic timesheets and provide reports.
Implement paperwork for new workers and enter information in the payroll system.
Ensure State and Federal filing.
Review timesheets for accuracy
Review any timesheet discrepancies
Answer questions concerning payroll questions
Maintain leave balances
Maintain cash and payroll account.
Ensure all pertinent forms are in employee’s files.

Choose one (1) recruitment method and one (1) selection method you will use in order to attract the best quality candidates for these positions. Provide a rationale for your
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Zenetex also analyzes the performance of all current employee’s performance so that they can

prepare them to compete for future positions and job opening. Zenetex HR continues to reward

current employees for excellent performance. Zenetex has a way to distinguish the performers

from the non-performers, so that the performers will be rewarded and inspired to exceed further

expectations. Zenetex do not reward performances based on the past, but continuously change as

the market changes. Zenetex objective (Internet) is to have a benefit program that will search for new talent and bring in the best. Zenetex also know the pay rules and stay ambitious. Zenetex will ensure current employees stay actively involved in pursuing other avenues within the company. Zenetex will never be under pressure to stay within the laws because they are always in compliance and stays within the budget. Zenetex has a competent administrative staff that is efficient and dedicated to excellence. Zenetex will ensure that all salaries are reasonable and competitive and stay within the current market

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