Human Resource Management Role In Performance Management

Human Resource Management’s role in the performance management process is to access and determine current employee performance as well as the job requirements. Performance management processes can yield valuable information to assist Human resource management in its assessment of the company’s goals. “Performance data can also be used for HR planning, to determine the relative worth of jobs, and as criteria for recruiting particular types of employees and validating selection tests.” (Snell, Morris, & Bohlander, 2016, sec. 8.1a para. 3) Another important role that human resources has in the performance management process is its ability to document information from the evaluations that could be valuable to the company in the event of a lawsuit. According to Managing Human Resources, because of equal opportunity laws and affirmative action employers need to maintain accurate and objective employee performance records to be able to defend themselves in a lawsuit. Lastly, human resource management can measure its own success by comparing their goals the performance of employees.
In order to ensure that the information gathered from the performance evaluations is in line with the strategic plan the human resource management must use the appropriate evaluation methods. Depending on the type of business the human resource
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Monitoring and evaluating how an employee behaves in their job is essential to the company and employee’s development. The behavioral methods of assessment can be conducted by using the critical incident method, where both positive and negative incidents are recorded. Another method is the behavioral observation scale (BOS) which according to Managing Human Resources allows the appraiser to play the role of observer instead of being a judge. This method captures the amount of time an incident occurs instead of the incidents

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