The Importance Of Human Resource Management

Register to read the introduction… I will discuss later a selection of these best practices that I believe would complement each other in an organisation, because if one doesn’t complement the other, it will ultimately cancel out any advantage that could possibly result from the practices. Human resource management best practices are designed to improve the overall performance of employees within the business, ultimately resulting in improved organisational performance also. Commitment is a major factor of human resource management best practice. If an employer shows that they are committed to certain areas e.g. training and development, then as a result of this, it is reciprocated by the employee, with this increased commitment towards the business, organisational and employee performance increases as employees are more skilled and committed to their job, which results in a situation that is beneficial for both employers and employees.

As referenced above, many benefits can occur for the organisation if more than one best practice is in place in an organisation, which can provide a compounding competitive advantage to companies who are able to successfully implement multiple best practices. If the business is able to understand and implement those practices that complement each other then it may be successful in securing
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Careful recruitment - Pfeffer implies that organisations need to use more thorough processes in order to recruit and select exceptional, superior and committed people for the organisation. He also states that the time and money spent on the selection of the right individuals for the job will serve as a basis of continuous competitive advantage. It also has its disadvantages in that being too selective can result in a very similar group of employees being hired, which can be otherwise known as ‘cloning’ according to Marchington and Wilkinson when they talk about selective processes where employees are chosen because of their cultural background and beliefs, and possibly are selected because they have similar traits to people already employed in the organisation. The main objective of careful recruitment is to hire the most suitable candidate for the job vacancy. 3. Team-working and decentralisation – Successful use of team-working has been stressed as a vital part of businesses today. “These are not only accountable and responsible for their organisational area; it also enables a shift from a centralised control function, to a peer based control system”. (Business/Otago,

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