Cargills Food City Case Study

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Human Resource means “Managing the people tactfully” (Dawa 1991). Human resource management is the process of utilizing human resource efficiently and effectively to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. Human resource is the most important resource of an organization compared to other resources since the success of the organization mainly depends on its people. Human resource management is a part of the process that helps the organization to achieve its objectives once the general direction strategies have been established, the next stage is to formulate company’s objectives and develop them into action plans. The objectives cannot be attended without the resources which of course include people. Human resources
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There some advantages of choosing this method. They are as follows,
• This method can help to identify the employee who really performs well in the organization.
• Can get an effective feedback about the employees through involving four people.
This will ensure the effectiveness of the organization in different perspective as well. Conclusion
According to this report I have evaluated the human resource management in Cargills Food City.Human resource management is an important management of an organization to achieve its goals and objectives.
The readers can understand that every organization should provide some rewards systems to motivate the employees, so that it may increase the performance level of employees.
By conducting job evaluation process it is clearly understood, that this will help the employer to determine pay for employees. And this report clearly shows that Monitoring of employees in an organization is an important function to reduce conflicts and misunderstandings among employee and employer relationship.
Finally, I like to conclude my report with maximum satisfaction and hoping to get a good result for my

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