Prep Essay: Human Resource Management

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Prep Essay: Human Resource Management “Fully 46% of new hires fail and are let go from their jobs within 18 months of being hired. Only 11% of these are for lack of skill, with 89% for reasons of motivation and lack of ‘coachability’” (“Human Resources Fun Facts”). Competition amongst companies goes far beyond customers, it also includes their ‘talent’ or in other words, employees. So how is a company able to recruit, manage, and retain their employees to build an effective work environment? Companies can implement recruitment, selection, and managing tactics to build and train to ensure the successful workplace that they desire. Recruitment is the process of executing a series of activities to gather a pool of individuals with the skill …show more content…
Companies usually have multiple sources of training material for employees. Common sources are books or manuals, online quizzes and videos, and on-the-job sessions which may include an orientation. To keep employees interested and motivated in their job to ensure the company is producing effective work to compete with others, they must enforce performance goals, and constantly evaluate and discuss an individual’s performance record. Rewards are another system that has proven to be effective. Employees will strive in their work if they know that by completing their work to a high standard, they will be rewarded for their efforts. By an employer being actively involved with an employee, it will build a relationship in which the employee will strive as a result of being comfortable in the …show more content…
Employers must ensure that they are hiring the right people for the job to remain effective and competitive in their industry. From using things such as websites, advertisements, and word of mouth a company will be able to find a group of individuals to evaluate. By having applications, interviews, tests, and probationary periods a company will have enough info to properly evaluate the potential employees. Setting up reward systems and training sessions will then ensure the hired people will remain the effective and competitive employees they believe they got when hiring

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