Purpose Of Motivation For Human Resource Management

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During my stay in the UK, I have adapted myself to an academic lifestyle. Based on my understanding of modern society, the core advantage for an enterprise to gain an edge in the global market is exactly human capital. As an emerging resource, it has become more and more significant for creating social wealth. Bearing this in mind, I have developed an interest in studying Human Resources and Organisations in London School of Economics and Political Science. Paying high attention to human resource management is the key to improve the organisational performance and enhance the competitiveness of the organisation. Now on the verge of completing my undergraduate program, I plan to pursue a master’s program in Organisational Behaviour stream. In my view, human resource management refers to the rational allocation of human resources according to the requirements of the organisations development strategy, to ensure the realization of the enterprise’s strategic goals. Organisational behavior plays a …show more content…
The vigorous and various economic and financial programs have allowed me to gain strong understanding of business management theories. Notwithstanding this, I didn’t confine my learning to a single academic discipline. As a science specialized in human behaviour, organisational behaviour provides a bridge between human resource management and psychology. I did research on the reengineering of Volvo. As the issue of workers ' working attitude became acute in 1969, the company had to consider ways to reform management. Consequently, workers consciously formed the task group to complete their work and took responsibility for their own labor. It is important to build up the concept of people-oriented in an enterprise. This is why I start considering this

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