Why An Organization Succeed Or Fail

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People are the reason why an organization either succeeds or fails. Without people to manage effectively an organization can quickly dissolve. Organizations are dependent on its workers understanding and execution of business processes in order to succeed. An organization should be clear, concise and consistent in methodologies. How people are trained to institute business processes is valuable to an organizations long-term success as people are the drivers of process. People are difficult to manage in many ways. They should be supported and encouraged to do the right things correctly, and on going. People have emotions, feelings, needs, and just vary in personality so it is important that management establish effective team building strategies, …show more content…
A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable (pg. 235, OB, Kinicki & Fugate). During these meetings a lot of discussion revolves around the roles and expectations of our management employees. Roles are a set of expected behaviors for a particular position (pg. 231, OB, Kinicki & Fugate). Though the focus is mainly on the changes to overall workflows, managers are allotted some time to speak with Senior Management to express overall concerns. In my opinion, I feel that their should be more emphasis on roles and responsibilities as we have a lot of newly created positions that share similar job duties as other team members. I believe their needs to be clarity on both task related roles and maintenance roles. Task roles enable the work group to define, clarify, and pursue a common purpose while maintenance roles foster supportive and constructive interpersonal relationships (pg. 231, OB, Kinicki & Fugate). These could be presented to managers, and new ideas of how to make item better could be discussed as a

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