Okie Auto Parts Case Study

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Overall Intentions
Our company, Okie Auto Parts, tried to focus on reducing the employee turnover rate which was originally at 9.8%. We believed that by implementing certain programs, improving training, and making the work environment more diverse we could reduce the turnover rate. This would lead to improved morale and ultimately improved product quality since we would retain employees and they would gain experience with their job.
We implemented a Performance Appraisal System to improve employee morale and productivity. If the top workers are rewarded and praised, based on actual performance, then they will feel appreciated and be more motivated to continue performing at a top level. When workers are rewarded for their work, they will not
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Because Okie Auto Parts is a new company with the management team being fresh out of university and having to take on these large tasks, it was indeed a huge learning experience for us. We were able to experiment in the different aspects of the business and find out what effects had the largest impact on certain areas of the business, which in turn helped us figure out what exact program decisions, training decisions, benefit decisions, and staffing decisions we were going to make. We were surprised as to how much some of the programs cost throughout the simulation in which we thought would be a lot less costly. That being said, there were also some programs and decisions that we made, or attempted to make that were a lot cheaper then we had expected. For example we did not expect an “Employee Participation Program” to cost us $12,000, or an “Affirmative Action Program” to cost $7,000. On the other hand, we were surprised that an “HR Information System” was only $11,000. They main learning experience for us at Oakie Auto Parts was definitely learning how to budget. We identified a goal before the decisions of spending approximately 25% of our annual budget ($350,000) and ended up being just shy of it at 24.76% …show more content…
We put programs into place to properly train our employees so they know exactly what is expected of them when they begin working. Also our starting absenteeism rate was at 498, so we needed a training program to motivate our employees and to make their job more straightforward to reduce confusion in the workplace (Dessler, 240). This should reduce stress in the workplace and make our workers have a better attitude about the goals we are trying to achieve. · How to Prevent Accidents
Reducing unsafe conditions in the workplace is the employers first line of defense (Dessler, 524). It was important to us to reduce the accident rate in our workplace, so we hired a full time safety director to take charge in keeping our workers safe. It is important to reduce safety hazards, so our company cannot be sued for having a hazardous workplace. With putting a safety director in place we were able to achieve an accident rate of 415, which was an improvement from 494. Overall in the simulation we are 3rd in the accident rate so this shows us there is still room for improvement for our safety

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