The Importance Of A Communication Plan

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Before a PMS is develop a communication plan must be implemented. In the communication plan are criteria’s such as determining the goal, identifying and profile of the audience, developing the message, defining the performance management and its strategy. Explain, what’s for me and how does it work? The appeal process is important for employees; they will be heard if the performance rating is not fair. The plan also includes training, pilot testing and monitoring and evaluating.

1 a ---Determine goal

Identify business objectives
Return on investment, economic values, cash flow
Performance plan

According to Aguinis, 2013) the purpose of performance management system is to help top management achieve strategic
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The audience will need to know the organizations goals and objectives for the market. The audience includes employees, peers, supervisors, customers, and subordinates. According to Aguinis (2013) employee should be involve with the development of their performance; they become more competent and successful if they contribute to their performance. Peers are also influence by employee performance. According to (n.d.) peer appraisal can be an effective evaluation method when applied to team work settings. Customers are important audience in performance management; employee must communicate, service technical knowledge, and meet customer’s expectations. Employee should be able to work with their subordinates; they must follow instructions and direction during the performance …show more content…
The message can be delivered by emails, company newsletters, company website, during training or flyers. Starbucks goal is building human connections with its customers, creating a sense of sense of belonging through its stores; Starbuck message is being part of a neighborhood through the development of a sense of community, and delivering reward to all its stakeholders (Brizek. 2014).

2 . What is performance Management System?

According to (Aguinis, 2013) “performance management system is promoting efficient and effective attainment of the departments mission, program objective, and strategic planning initiatives, and it aims at motiving high levels of achievement and accountability. The performance management system includes performance, progress reviews, rating levels, and annual summary rating” (p.177)

Performance management system is setting clear, measurable goals, and implementing. When developing a performance management system it is important to have a good communication

3….---How does performance management fit into our

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