Starbucks Communication Plan

Before a PMS is develop a communication plan must be implemented. In the communication plan are criteria’s such as determining the goal, identifying and profile of the audience, developing the message, defining the performance management and its strategy. Explain, what’s for me and how does it work? The appeal process is important for employees; they will be heard if the performance rating is not fair. The plan also includes training, pilot testing and monitoring and evaluating.

1 a ---Determine goal

Identify business objectives
Return on investment, economic values, cash flow
Performance plan

According to Aguinis, 2013) the purpose of performance management system is to help top management achieve strategic business objectives. This is done through leaking the organization’s goals with the individual goals. Starbucks managers will organize a meeting and discuss the important objective. An example of Starbucks objective can be expanding stores globally, develop new Frappuccino, develop new coffee favors like Starbuck’s Blonde Roast new
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Performance management systems help managers evaluate employees. Employees work for business to make money for a living and to demonstrate quality performance. Employee’s mission is to produce products or provide services for the consumers. In doing so, employer must have a performance management system to maintain efficient and an effective performance. Managers must met with employees and identify their needs; these performance needs can be met through training and mentoring. Communication and feedback are critical elements in a performance management system. In order to meet production or services managers must communicate on the overall business function and assure product and services are met in timely manner. Organization need to have a well-developed performance management system so managers can to be more effective and

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