Unit 2 M2 Business Research

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P3.M2: Under this task, I shall explain requirement to run my small business successfully by describe my strength and previous experience, weakness and lack experience. Also I will explain how I will develop the Skills gap by taking two weeks training program.
Starting my own business of gym may be challenges being self-employee to achieve my aim and objective of my business their certain skills required for me to run the business successfully. Its good idea to identify my own skills which I have, so I can understand my strengths and weakness and where I may needed to be trained or outside help.
Their few necessary skills to run the business:
Communication Skills related to customer services
Communication skills when working
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From that I brought many ideas to improve my communication skill to the forward.
Marketing skills
Marketing skills this is importance skill used in the business is the skills which will help to identify the target of the marketing whether if the customer will like the products and services, the marketer who can understand the customers’ needs and making them buy the products or use the services. From my business I will need to have right skill that can help me to hiring the right people. With the skill that can promote and market my business to rich its target.
Strength, I think am good at researching where I can capture feedback and new idea by determined what my customer needs and able to provide new market tricks to expand my business.
Weakness, I think am lack experience this is my weakness its will be a big challenge to the competitors who have already experience in the same field. At the same time I really enjoy with this kind of business because I am the one who came with the idea and I will never stop acquiring new market
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To manage my time under pressure I have to be patient and focus on achieving my goals at the exact time with less stress also scheduling specific time for each activity.
Monitory business performance as Human resource management skills.
Successful business requires human resource management the process monitory of performance that helps you to understand how well your business in order planning work and setting expectation towards its goals. Human resource management are skills needed to recruit the right people for the job roles provided, either with their own skills and qualifications. Also to monitory business performance it help to improve time management and increases productivity (McQuerre, 2015).
Strength, I think am good in monitory my business performance I can set specific goals and targets by making plan and take a holistic view of the way forward.
Weakness, I think my weakness is lack of experience in new market where it will be big challenges with the competitors who already have experience in the same field. To win the competitors in the market I must have human resource management skills were I will hire smart people and I will also offer a divers suite of service in my business. To improve my weakness I have to apply for short training course in human

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