How Teens Are The Drivers Most Impaired By Distraction Essay

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Matt swerved and lost control of his truck, rolling it off the road, he was not wearing his seatbelt; he was flung from the driver’s seat window and flew 30 feet from his truck, he landed in an awkward position because of his injuries. When Matt arrived at the hospital, the doctors came to the conclusion of his injuries, Matt had broken both his wrists, his right hip, and C2, which starts at the base of the neck through C5, which ends mid-back, he is now paralyzed. Teens are among the drivers most impaired by distraction. Matt was in his early twenties when the accident occurred, he was driving with one of his good friends going down a backroad at 55-60 MPH. The cause of the accident was another driver messing around in his car, not paying attention to his surroundings when he pulled out in front of Matt causing Matt to swerve out of the way. Matt’s accident could’ve been way worse if he had not been paying attention or swerved to avoid hitting the other car. Both Matt, his friend, and the other driver could have been killed, but thankfully they were not because Matt’s reaction time.

Let people know you will be driving. “Talk to your parents, and let them know that if you don’t respond to their phone calls or texts, right away, it 's because you’re driving” (Jackson 1). When you make your parents aware that you will not be able to answer their calls, tell them it 's because you’re driving, or if you tell your friends before you leave the driveway, then you won’t be…

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