How Superstition Are Developed And How People Are Affected By These Beliefs

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Ever wonder why people’s skin crawl when they cross a black cat? Or what about the reason people are so afraid of walking under a ladder? It is because some people are superstitious. In this paper we will define what “superstition” means. This paper will explain how some of the superstitions are developed and how people are affected by these beliefs. There are quite a few superstitions in America and they are very interesting. “Closer Look at Superstitions," states a superstition is when a person believes that certain activities or events can cause good or bad things to happen (Justin, Ken, and Chris n.d.). The word superstition was defined; the next paragraph will go over how some superstitions developed.
The article, "The Surprising Origins of 9 Common Superstitions” explains that a very common superstition is about a black cat bringing bad luck or good luck to people. The black cat meant good luck at first if he crosses to the right of your path, but the black cat started to mean bad luck when King Charles I cat died. He started saying that the luck he had was gone due to the cat. The king was charged with treason and arrested the next day. This happened in England in the 1700’s. Not only did England view the black cat as bad, so did parts of Europe in the Medieval Ages. Other individuals felt like the devil was watching when they saw a black cat and also believed that black cats were friends with witches. The second superstition is about thirteen being an unlucky…

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