How Pregnancy Can Be A Good Thing For Teenage Girls Essay

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How Pregnancy Can Be a Good Thing for Teenage Girls
On my 15th birthday, July 3, 1998, I was at the Glenwood Lake Park rehearsing for my mothers’ wedding. It was exactly 10 a.m. when I announced to my family. “It’s Time!” I knew immediately that the contractions I was having were not the Braxton Hicks contractions I had been having for months. These contractions were very real and very intense. My sister had me sit down and she began to time how far apart my contractions were. My family continued to rehearse as I sat on the concrete ledge, too afraid to move. My contractions were consistently ten minutes apart for the first hour. That is when my mother looked at me with fear in her eyes and said, “Everything will be okay sweetie.”
In the months leading up this day, I encountered a lot of very difficult situations. Specifically, I remember the day when everyone in my high school found out that I was pregnant. I cried three times that day at school. Most of the girls called me names and most of the boys commented as to how this would affect my body. There was a lot of whispering, fingering pointing, and laughing that day. Those are not the things that caused me to cry though. My first tear fell when my basketball coach pulled me aside and said, “You won’t be able to play anymore and honestly you won’t do anything with your life now.” More than hurt that statement angered me. I felt as if he was telling me pregnancy would be permanently disabling me. I left the gym and…

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