Personal Narrative: Becoming Pregnant And Giving Birth

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Becoming pregnant and giving birth is the greatest accomplishment a mother endures, I was able to experience this twice and had two beautiful children. Already having two children just about half way grown up my boyfriend and I were surprised to find out I was pregnant and we were going to have our third child. During this nine months I was pregnant, I chose to endure, what I would consider a great risk with many complications. I chose to take this great risk and put myself and my family through all the ups and downs not knowing the outcome. I would not change any of it, everything I went through brought me my beautiful baby boy.
I had many close calls during my third pregnancy, including kidney dysplasia, preeclampsia and ending up on bed
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After getting a phone call from my OB, the first thing she told me was I had proteinuria- protein in my urine. She also told that there was a fifty percent chance that I was not going to be able to carry this baby to term, that was unless I could get through the first 4 months with my kidneys being cooperative and doing what they needed. Due to my one kidney working alone for so many years and because I had already had two children, my kidney was working as if I was roughly sixty years old. Next, my OB said I had hypertension- high blood pressure. She demanded I go in for further testing because with both, one hardly working kidney and high blood pressure I was a high risk for preeclampsia. Sure enough, preeclampsia was exactly what I had! As soon my Ob shared that news, she also mentioned the percentage of me carrying this baby was even less and if I chose to carry the baby I would risk having kidney failing while I was pregnant. All I could do was cry and think what if I got sick and this were to happen, my children would no longer have both their …show more content…
This was until I woke up from a nap one day and could barely breathe. Since I was experiencing so many complications I was only able to use herbal or homeopathic medicine, so what I thought was a cold became worse. I was having trouble falling asleep one night because I was unable to catch my breathe. I contemplated going to the ER for hours until I was gasping for air and my body was starting to tingle in random places due to lack of oxygen. Realizing I had no choice, I went to the ER. After sitting there for fifteen hours the doctors came in with a diagnosis, “I had pneumonia!”. Yes, I was beyond irritated and could not figure out how the ER did not notice this the many times before. I was admitted quicker than I’d ever seen happen in an ER before. I was told I had one of the worst case of pneumonia the doctors and nurses had never seen in a pregnant woman and spread to both lungs. Shortly after I was admitted they put me on oxygen, antibiotics, hooked up the monitor to the

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