Essay about How My Audience Has Taught Me Good Information

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Going into this college writing class, I did not know what to expect. All I anticipated about this class was that it is a general education class, that was required to graduate. I figured there was essays, but I did not expect how much. This class has taught me good information that can further help with my writing career. I said at the beginning of the year that I might want to do a fashion blog. With the material, I learned in this class I can make it be persuasive, professional, and fun. There were many good things about this class and some not so good things but overall, it was a helpful experience.
Analyzing my audience did affect my writing in many ways. When I find out the type of audience I am writing to, I have to change phrases around in my essay so that my specific audience can interpret what I am saying. For example, in my Critical Review essay my target audience was young adults, while persuading them to read The Great Gatsby. When I talked about the book I do not talk about the author or the history that was surrounding the book at the time. I would talk about specific features of the story that would interest young adults such as the plot line and what the characters are like. The audience changes the whole tone and language of an essay. The genre that was the most difficult to work with would have to be the Argument Synthesis genre. I would say that was the worst genre for me to work with for a couple of reasons. One reason is because the topic was very…

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