My Reflection Of My Writing Class

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As I registered for this class I knew it would be difficult for me because writing is my biggest weakness. I have a problem when I’m writing that I get off topic real fast and nothing flows. It all happened with my first writing class and I did pass but I wanted to try it again to see if I could get better grade so I could graduate with my certificate next semester but I think this year my writing got worse. I knew what topic I’m good at writing but since I used them before I couldn’t use them again. I’m very disappointed in my writing this semester and I knew it could have been better.
One of the papers I wish I could have revised was my compare and contrast essay. I wish that I would have listened to suggestions that my teacher and other people made for me with the topic of the essay. I could have done more research and made sure I had someone else at school read it over for me so I got feedback from several different people. I also wish that I could have remembered to send in my essay for the conferences but it would always skip my mind. I should have changed the topic and used that topic for my argument and persuasion essay, but otherwise I think I did well on it.
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It’s something that I can write about without getting off topic and it flows a little bit better. I loved it because I got to tell about how my life went downhill for the first time with school and how I made it better in that time of my life. If it could have been longer then I could have told more of the story. My life is pretty much the same as it was back then but without the friends as bad influences. I still struggle with school every day because of how stressful my life is and that my mom gets cancer on and off over the

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