Reflection Of Student Writing Project 3

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Project 3: Write up The Genre I am using to present project 3 at the Celebration of Student Writing is a poster board. I want to use the board as an aid to give a general idea of what I have been researching. Doing this will help me explain most of the project myself and I won’t have to rely on the board for the presentation of the project. For Project 3, I focused my topic on Autism Spectrum Disorder. I aimed to explain what autism is and the effects it has on people diagnosed with it and their family. To make the project more interesting I added the parts of my research that explain how autism effects intelligence. During CSW, I spoke with a few people and they seemed really interested to know more about Autism, so I explained to them …show more content…
To help the audience and myself better understand medical terminology, I had to simplify a lot of terms by finding their different meanings. Autism is actually considered to be Fragile X syndrome. Fragile X syndrome is a disorder where the x chromosome of an unborn child is damaged. Considering most people already know what Autism is, I used that term for the title instead of its root form. This was just one of the few vocabulary changes I had to make to Project 3. The board has a picture of the Autism awareness symbol in the center of the poster to better draw audience’s attention. I also added rainbow patterned puzzle pieces to fill the blank spaces so it doesn’t look dull but still keeps the simple approach. I avoided adding a lot of pictures so the board wasn’t overwhelmingly flashy. On the right hand side, I placed the effects of Autism. On the left hand side, I placed data from articles and summaries of the information to help explain how ASD effects intelligence. I kept this placement order from the original draft to make the board neat and organized. In the final product I had to expand the text so the audience could clearly see the information

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