My Reflection: What I Learned In My Writing Class

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Shereen Farhana
American University of Sharjah
Id no: 72202
WRI 101


Dear Professor Sayidina,

With the fall semester quickly coming to a close, I feel that I have learned a lot in our Writing 101 class. This semester, I had experienced difficulties, challenges, however, the feeling of accomplishment after completing each and every assignment was great. I have always found it to be a great struggle to write essays and summaries, but you have taught me to dig deep into the papers that are being written. I wouldn’t have excelled in my English skills without your help and guidance.

On the first day of class, I wasn’t sure of what to expect, but I kept an open-mind. With this being my first semester in university, I was nervous and assumed the work was going to be beyond hard. But I soon realized that writing is interesting if I work hard and try to give my best to the fullest in each assignment.
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I assumed it was going to be easy to summarize somebody else’s essay. Moreover, the article was very interesting to read and I thought I would get an A in the first assignment. But when I got the grades I was really disappointed, I felt sad and from then onwards I started to carefully listen to everything you explained in class.

One of the major challenges I faced in Writing 101 is to complete the assignments on time. Whenever I come to your office during the office hours, there would be a pile of students waiting in front of your room which makes it impossible to meet you. I am extremely grateful to you for creating the journal in Ilearn as it helped me a lot to clarify my doubts and revise my drafts through your suggestions and guidelines. I am glad you made it mandatory to submit our work in Ilearn, revise it, and then turn it in, because I never would have given it a try if it were not a part of our

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