My Reflection Of My Different Types Of Writing My Portfolio

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Introduction a) In my portfolio it has documents that throughout the semester that I have worked on. It includes my annotated bibliography, a research paper, a non-academic form, and an introduction paper. I enjoyed writing these varieties of papers because I believe that it expanded my knowledge. I liked how not every paper had to be a formal paper and some of them were more laid back than others. In most classes while writing a paper making sure everything is formal and you have enough words is a big deal, but not in this one. It made it easier for me to write about.
If I would have set aside more time to write my essays I would have been able to make higher grades on them. I could have also asked other people to read over my papers instead
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I am not going to be writing your typical formal essay. I need to be prepared to break out of my comfort zone and learn to write in different ways that I am not use to. This class has prepared me for that thankfully, and I am grateful. Every piece in my portfolio has a different type of writing which I enjoyed. Throughout this course I learned also more about research papers that will help me succeed down the road. It helped me get more familiar with the format and tone, and learn how I can improve …show more content…
It seemed like all we were going to do was write a paper every other week and then discuss it. I was afraid that I was going to constantly be pressed for time and I was not going to succeed the way I needed to in this course. Looking back at my progress this semester I am glad I had to take this course. It has inspired me to become a better writer and feel more confident and be more successful in my work. I felt more comfortable with the non-academic paper, because for me it was easier to write about. Looking back I am glad we had a variety of papers because now I am to say that I have had the experience to write different types and become more

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