My Writing Course Reflection

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My development as a writer has throughout this course has been an exciting one. During high school my teachers were very strict in what they wanted which in ways helped my writing but in other ways it hurt my writing. This course has given me the freedom to write about things that interest me while helping me grow. It has made me mindful of my grammar, which I normally just did whatever, and it has also given me the chance to improve by means of useful feedback from my professor.
My writing process has gone from last minute essays to real thought out essays. This course has taught me to take my time and actually plan out what to say rather than rush though and not get my points across. Instead of sitting in front of the computer for thirty
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It showed us that people can use rhetoric to prove something but that not everything is what it seems. The course has provided great examples to show how rhetoric is used in everyday issues. From taking this course I feel confident enough to move on and take upper level writing courses, Also the course made us write relevant papers that later on proves to help with studies that involve my major more directly. Artifact one shows how the class taught us to be mindful of the consequences of what we write because every action has a reaction that later has positive or negative results. Actifact two shows that we learn from our failures. The course taught me that feedback is not always negative and that using it to improve makes writers learn about their style and not just the instructors. Artifact three is a writing assignment from another class that show how the skills from the course have translated and have helped in other courses. The rhetorical skills learned are shown in the writing and also have helped to prove a point. This course has prepared me for future courses while at the same time showing me english class can be

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