Reflective Essay: The Weakness Of My Writing Class

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Writing has always been a weakness for me, I remember hardly passing my English classes in high school because of it. The only things I saw myself good at writing was songs and maybe stories that I would make up, but I can’t say much for using proper grammar in them. There are a couple reasons why I chose to take WRTG 101. First, I needed a writing class because I’m working on getting my CCAF. Second, writing, or at least the formalities of writing are far from a strength of mine and I wanted to improve on it. It was interesting to see what aspects of writing I was good at and the other areas that I struggled at. In comparison to how writing is supposed to be, my writing was only average, I noticed that I’ve improved or at least learned quite …show more content…
I have only ever heard about the APA writing style before this class. Throughout the weeks, the class covered on how to format and cite, but it was still a little bit of a challenge for me. Sometimes it seemed that I could cite a reference in a couple different ways and I wasn’t sure which was better. At times, if I didn’t look at the examples of the students’ essays I would forget to even add the headers with the page numbers. I also wasn’t used to having an entire page for a title and then starting the actual essay with the title above the introduction paragraph. Although, now I think I’ve gotten fairly decent at writing in APA …show more content…
I learned that an important aspect of successful writing is going through the process of pre-writing, writing, and revising. Writing the autobiographical essay was probably the easiest. My pre-writing was a lot of freewriting, which later got added to the essay itself. My biggest issues with that was picking a topic and the fact that I’ve never used APA format before. For the comparison – contrast essay, I picked a topic that I was legitimately interested in and wanted to learn about. This is when the citing came into play. I understood how to set up the reference page for the most part, but hadn’t realized the in- text citing had to be put in, in such a specific manner. Then, for the research – supported cause – effect essay, I had a hard time with. I would think I’d have a good topic, but finding the sources from the UMUC library that had to be scholarly journals was not easy. It took me to come up with a third topic for the cause- effect to finally be able to gather all the information necessary and piece together a good

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