How Group Based Projects Are Better Suited For The Workplace Essay

795 Words May 5th, 2016 4 Pages
As I reflect on the semester, I am reminded of all the struggles and triumphs. The struggles consist of conflicting communication, work strategy, and time management styles within a group. The triumphs include how the group consistently managed to work together despite our many differences, and effectively complete each assignment, although the participation was not consistent. I feel that group based projects are better suited for the workplace, instead of higher education. My reasoning stems from the fact that online and on campus classes are comprised of young and older adults, which maintain different work ethics. I have heard Millennials state that they do not consider online classes to be as serious as classes on campus. I totally disagree with this assessment, since academic performance standards are synonymous. In my opinion, these are some of the obstacles in which non-traditional students face. For instance, when a group member states that she or he does not know what they are supposed to be working on when the project is due in two days; coupled with the fact that the semester will end in two weeks, you are beyond frustrated. During my studies, Millennials have portrayed a lackadaisical approach towards assignments and college in general. Although all assignments were completed in a timely manner, my feelings, in reference to Team-Based Learning in a college setting, remain negative. Moreover, learning the criteria which is necessary to conduct a training…

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