How Exercise Has Many Benefits Physically And Mentally Essay example

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Exercise has many benefits physically and mentally. Michele Olson said, "We see changes in the body within seconds." With that being said, the same day of your work out; your lungs become stronger when you work out because it causes you to breath deeper which stretches your lungs. It also helps you get motivated because you know you are capable since you aren’t getting as tired as fast as you did in the beginning. Within the next day; your heart becomes healthier and prevents high blood pressure, you’re also adding lean muscle to your body. Lastly, working out makes you more alert and able to focus more. Within a week of consistent exercise; your risk of diabetes lowers, you’re slimmer, and you gain brainpower because your body is working hard to keep your stamina up. Within one year of exercising; it becomes easier, your heart rate is lower, you cut your risk of cancer, you add years to your life, and you feel fantastic. All of these factors work together creating a healthier self, mentally and physically lowering risks of disease. As proven, working out has its benefits to create a better self.
Exercise has a positive benefit of uplifting your mood and helping with mental health disorders because you are working off you’re your stress and worries. It has this affect by reducing stress, lifting your mood, and sleeping better at night. When you exercise your brain releases endorphins that block your perception of pain making you happier:
“Endorphins act as analgesics, which…

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