How Dismissal Of 140 Character Dm Limit Proved Highly Beneficial For Customer Service?

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How Dismissal of 140 character DM limit proved Highly Beneficial for Customer Service?

Are you using Twitter for business?
Are you looking to improve your communication area with customers?
As per the recent tweaks of Twitter about its direct message character make this widely using social media site easier for users to reach customers directly.
In this blog post, you’ll explore the fact of how to use Twitter’s recently updated DMs (Direct Messages) feature to improve engagement with your targeted customers.

How Twitter’s DM feature Work?
The recent updates in Twitter opened more free hands to lift up once business marketing campaign. With twitter 's newest features, one can set up their account to receive DMs from any users, whether or not you follow those Twitter users.
Earlier, DM (Direct Message) was impractical for business especially for those who are using Twitter 's DMs for customer service because they could only send their direct messages to those twitter users who followed them. This was a big barrier between users seeking social media customer service Via Twitter and the organization providing it. Except that your Twitter account and the targeted user 's account followed each other, the communication stayed before it start.
Now, the recent updates broke this barrier and let the user opt to receive DMs from anyone. To use this sensational feature, you need to go to your security and privacy setting panel and manually switch on it because by default the feature…

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