How A Scholarship Will Impact Their Academic Future Essay

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Write a 250 word essay focused on why he/she is interested in a professional career in business, why they selected their major, and how a scholarship will impact their academic future.
I believe that every person has a divine purpose in life. Within this idea, everyone has a “white hot why”, essentially the glowing purpose of an individual’s life and the passionate ideals the individuals is driven for. I believe that my “white hot why” is helping them find their purpose, and find what people are passionate about to make organizations more efficient. When people are in roles and have responsibilities where they feel a sense of purpose, passion for what they are doing and have competent leaders, they produce results and this leads to effective and prosperous organizations.

Leadership development is important to businesses today. With the economy improving, it is essential for organizations to utilize their employee’s talents to the fullest to become the best business they can. It is easy for organizations to focus only on the immediate need and lose focus on the issues that drive the long-term success of the organization. While focusing on leadership development, it allows the organization to form leaders in their company to create a better company culture. Through this ideal, I became very interested in leadership development. Therefore, I chose, Human Resource Management and Organizational Leadership to improve upon my own leadership skills and learn how to develop…

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