Google Succession Management Analysis

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Google Overview (Company Overview)

Google is a multinational company specializing in a diverse portfolio of products and services. Founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin out of a friend’s garage our company then like it is today is a product of the creative minds who expands the horizons of what could be possible. Although Google is symposiums with search engines, some of our other well-known product lines include Android, YouTube, Nest, Chrome, Google Maps and Gmail to name a few.

Google Innovation Starts with You (how talent is viewed by the organization) At Google, we have always understood that the way to be an industry leader and creator of innovation was to not only hire the best talent but provided them with the ongoing
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Raymond Noe writes, “Succession planning helps organizations in several different ways. It identifies and prepares future company leaders, helps ensure that the company runs smoothly when key employees and managers leave and creates opportunities for development and promotion.” (2013) Succession planning is a way to keep Google’s high performing managers with our company instead of losing them to our competitors. Google will need to continue “identifying, evaluating, developing, and tracking high potential employees who are capable of moving into higher-level” (2013) positions in the company. K. Champa and K. Vohra writes, “A succession plan should involve nurturing and developing employees from within an organization. Employees who are perceived to have the skills, knowledge, qualities, experience and the desire can be groomed to move up to fill specific, key positions.” (unknown date) If Google continues its use of succession planning, they will continue to retain the top talent in their area of …show more content…
We are always looking for employee’s who can bring new perspectives and life experiences to our teams. We focus on talents rather than experience and enhance the employees skill sets as they progress with our team. If you are seeking an employee who values our curiosity, passion, and desire to learn and collaborating with co-workers who are eager to take on challenges as a team, then you’re a future Googler.
Here at Google, our primary mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. We accomplish this goal by hiring motivated candidates, fostering innovation, embracing change, create a sense of purpose, promote ethical behavior. With the help of qualified candidates, we are able to achieve our goals. We take great pride in our team members and value each of their efforts to better our company. Suggestions for improving profile organization is to allow employees more autonomy and freedom. We want to enhance creativity and encourage personal, as well as operational growth. Providing open opportunities should allow for an easier progression towards a better work environment. Employees will invest more into our organization and in their work. Another suggestion is constant communication unilaterally. Encouraging a smooth communication flow can ensure that policies and procedures are

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