Pierre Martell Home Builder Comparison

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What is corporate entrepreneurship and what does it do for the company? Corporate entrepreneurship is the representation of risk taking, being active, and showing innovation within a business. Having a corporate entrepreneurship can do many things for a company such as, improving the revenue, or rising to be the top competitor. The two businesses I chose to compare and contrast their innovations are, Martell Home Builders and General Motors Company.

Pierre Martell, founder of Martell Home Builders in Moncton, New Brunswick started his business in 2006. Pierre 's goal was to only provide the best service to his customers and he exaggerates that even in the web address, Themartellexpierence.com, experience is even in the name and it speaks. Creativity and innovation plays a major roll in Martell 's Home Builders, for example on all of the contractors ' vehicles there is a GPS tracking device, another way Martell is innovative is that every guest has a log in so that it’s easy for the customers to keep track of their houses. General Motors Company, also know as GM, is a company the designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes vehicles and vehicle parts while also selling financial services. GM shows major innovation through their design, technology, environment, community, education and safety.
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The founder/owner, his team, customers, reviews, and social media. Together innovative thinking all play a part in the creative process. It all started with Pierre, but now that the company has grown he uses his employees and customers suggestion which helps bring innovation to it 's peak. General Motors on the other hand has so many ways innovation is occurring. GM 's creations have all been apart of a team that is focused and

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