Google Inc Case Study

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Google is responsible in providing the society with specific information search and promotional activities through internet. Google’s running mainly focuses on business fields such as search, advertising and so on. The objective of Google Inc. is to improve the methods of users when searching information. Larry page is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company. Google Company’s mission is to organize the information all over the world and make it uniformly accessible and serviceable. Besides, Google Inc. also has an unofficial mission, namely “Don’t be evil”.
Regarding to Communication in Business (CIB), the definition of business is accumulation of private, commercially oriented companies. Whereas, society means
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In related to that, a critical focuses whether the company’s performance had fulfilled the social needs and how affects each stakeholders directly. There are some of key issues under the equality aspect which included fair pay, equal opportunities, training and motivation and lastly information provision. I will choose 2 of the key issue which are equal opportunity and training and motivation to examine and criticize Google Company’s performance in term of how they treat employees.
According to worldwide report, Google is one of the great places to work all over the world. It is because Google is best in providing their employees a better environment, benefits, salary, and so on. Google Inc. is proactive in giving their employees training and motivation. Woking for Google come with many benefits that other companies cannot provide, such as provides free haircuts, karaoke, free breakfast, transportation and the list goes on. Google Inc. put employee’s happiness as their first priority by offering lots of benefits working for them. Google make their employees happy because of having a better environment working in Google, employees can gain a strong motivation and work hard for them. Moreover, Google fair to every employee by offering lots of training program for example leadership training
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According to previous Google Inc. performance, Google Inc. did not show any equality in equal employment opportunity. Google concedes in diversity data that most of their employees are mainly male and white. According to a workforce diversity report revealed by Google Inc., there are 70 percent of their employees are male and around 30 percent of their employees are female. In additional, another workforce diversity information released by Google company, stated that there are only 3 employees out of 36 employees are women (Kurtzleben 2014).Besides, Google discloses its diversity report, and it is not good. It can be seen the ethnic and racial data in the US prove that there are 61 percent of the workforce are white, and only 2 percent are black. Others, Asians accounted for approximately 30 percent of Google’s employees, 3 percent are Hispanic and four percent are other races (Jacobson

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