Pixel Advertisement Analysis: Mistakes Are Opportunities

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Advertisement Analysis: Mistakes are opportunities
Loyalty is hard to find. Trust is easy to lose. Actions speak louder than words. Companies such as Google and Apple have very loyal consumers, only opting to purchase products under their brand name, respectively (Forbes). On the surface, Google’s Pixel advertisement is just another commercial showcasing a smartphone out of the many phones that are available today (YouTube). However, they are attempting to build and strengthen their brand by putting the nail in the coffin, enticing Apple consumers to become loyal to them. Google tries to do this by borrowing Apple’s marketing tactics and also effectively punishing them for their grave mistake.
The commercial starts off by asking the viewer
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Watching this advertisement puts good vibes on the viewer whether you are familiar with smartphones or not. The choice of music sets the tone for the commercial, making the viewer feel as if they need this product in order to be stress-free and happy. Apple has been doing this for years. One notable commercial is an older iPod one and it consisted of silhouettes jamming out to their favourite music (YouTube). It would be hard to believe someone would be anything but happy or ecstatic after viewing that. Google is very clever for replicating the appeal to pathos that Apple has been using in order to win over those loyal consumers. If Google can prove that they are a better alternative to Apple, they’ll be sure to attract their brand to those who are stuck between a rock and a hard place, …show more content…
This was a perfect time to release it. With people questioning Apple’s decisions and also questioning their loyalty with the brand, Google have definitely struck into Apple right where it hurts. Leading up to the release of the iPhone 7 there have been a lot of rumours that it would not include a headphone jack (Fox News Tech). People were definitely frustrated and disappointed, why take something so seemingly standard away (The Verge)? Like previously mentioned, trust is easy to lose and with this decision the majority of people have lost trust in Apple (The Verge). Google responds to this situation by mentioning in their advertisement that their phone includes a 3.5mm headphone jack which is “surprisingly not new” (Google). The appeal to logos is evident here by stating facts. Every feature of the Google Pixel is new but the headphone jack has been around for quite some time and Google plans to keep it that way. Taking Apple’s misfortune and creating an advantage with it is a great way to try to win the hearts of iPhone users and will most likely get them to stay attracted to their brand. The “return” of the headphone jack is a good example of Google taking advantage of Apple for their mistake in attracting consumers that are questioning their loyalty with Apple. iPhone users that feel like they were betrayed

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