Apple Vs Android Research Paper

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“Apple vs Android” Advertisements can often be the result of competition between two companies. I contrasted ads for the Micromax A70, an Android phone, and the iPhone 4S, an Apple phone. I analyzed the marketing techniques each company used to sell their phone. The intention of the A70 advertisement was to market the phone as an affordable alternative to the iPhone. As usual, Apple marketed the iPhone as a different and unique device that sets it apart from all other phones on the market. While the iPhone ad was simple, sleek and minimalistic, the A70 ad was a little cluttered and filled with information about the phone. The target audience of the iPhone is creative individuals who want to stand out from the crowd, and the A70’s target audience …show more content…
It is clear that the designers had a set idea in mind for how they want the public to perceive their product. For the A70, Micromax is basically calling out to consumers who want an affordable option to all the more expensive phones out there. It is notable that the ad includes all the information a person in the phone buying market could want to know about the product. Someone can browse this ad in a magazine and read up on all the features they would get with their new A70. On the other hand, if a person came across the iPhone 4S ad they would be in the dark as far as specifications about the phone goes if they were unfamiliar with iPhones. Despite not knowing about iPhones, consumers would still be left with an impression of minimalism from the clean feel of the ad. Apple makes sure their ads are of the highest quality. However, Micromax lets consumers know right out of the gate that this is what buyers of the A70 will get with their purchase. Apple includes no more than six words to describe the phone. Micromax includes incredible detail, even the price of the phone. The marketing strategy shown in the Micromax ad is to show that the A70 is not an iPhone, but that it is better and more affordable. Apple 's strategy was to hermeticize its audience. In other words, the goal was to gain people’s interest, but leave them wanting

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