Higher Education Should Be Free Essay

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Higher Education Should Be Free Many educationalists believe that getting an education is obligatory for every man and woman. However, in the today’s era, it is not easy for everyone to earn a degree because it is very expensive for the families who have more expenses. Therefore, to solve this issue, the President Obama and other experts give a suggestion for free community college, which covers the cost of tuitions from government and public funding. Sara Goldrick-Rab, a professor of educational policy studies and sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, also agrees with Obama’s proposal and expands it more by demanding to cover the other cost of living. Goldrick-Rab’s proposal of free higher education is a good solution because the student can pay more attention on studies rather than work so that they have a better job with no fear of high-interest debt. One problem with the current tuition system of community college is that students have to face financial hurdles as they do not get enough grants. Firstly, students have to pay for their living expenses, such as rent, food, utilities which are not covered by grants. As Goldrick-Rab discusses, that 40 years ago students get 120% of tuitions, fees, and living expenses covered in Pell grants whereas, today only 63% of the expenses is covered by grants. Eventually, students pay 37% of expense out of their pocket. Secondly, high-internet loans are also being required to cover the educational expenses which need to…

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