Essay on Higher Education Should Be Free

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Eng Comp I

Higher Education should be Free

There are many Reasons University should be cost free. Individuals have a right to the experience of higher education. The state benefits in terms of superior economic, cultural and leadership development from a university-educated populace. Individuals have a right to equal opportunity in order to maximize their personal utility, and to break free from the social strata in which they are born. The burden of fees and loans are too great to expect young people to shoulder, particularly for more .financially disadvantaged individuals. This topic is highly debated between every level of the U.S. government, creating a divide between the country. This essay will describe the reasons why these is an unnecessary debt for our young adults.
It is a essential right of individuals to experience university and to have access to the knowledge it affords. College offers a huge opportunity. It is a treasure trove of knowledge to be gained and experiences to be had. University provides an opportunity that exists at no other time in an individual’s life. It is a time of individual, intellectual, and often spiritual, exploration. In secondary school and in professional life, no such opportunities exist, as they are about instruction and following orders, not about questioning norms and conventions in the same way university so often is. University serves as an extremely valuable forum for different views, which everyone has a right to experience…

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